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[Even during a pandemic] 
The hospitality industry is experiencing the worst financial crisis...
[ Believe it or not ]
Deals are still getting closed.  Travel is still happening.  

And YOU are still relevant as a sales professional in the industry! 
But what got you thru the last 10 years...will not get you thru this crisis.  
I bet if you're still actively selling, you're working twice as hard for 1/2 the amount of revenue being booked [at most]! 
You might be feeling defeated, worried and fearful of what's next.  
Whether you've been furloughed, laid off, or you're still employed navigating this chaotic and uncertain time, I'm here to share something with you.  

You can still THRIVE in hospitality & travel sales
The industry & your company needs you now more than ever.  But they need you to show up differently than you ever have before.  

It's time to get to work!
You can, without a doubt, generate new business even in our worst crisis.  How do I know this is possible?  

Because GitGo and our team are doing it!  We've been testing these strategies and tactics with success for our hotel partners for 15+ years...even in market recessions & economic downturns.  
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best secrets
Learn how we've continued to book MILLIONS in new business revenue [even in the past 3 months] for our hotel partners.

It is my mission to lead the industry towards the best recovery and reinvention.  In order to accelerate change, GitGo is sharing more, 
giving more & supporting sales teams by making our 
knowledge and experience more accessible! 
"When I first started in hotel sales, times were different.  I worked in markets that required proactive outreach to build every business opportunity.  In Rochester, MN and San Francisco after the highs of the Dot-com era and just after 9/11.   

I didn't have a robust inbound funnel of RFP's.  I worked my a$$ off for every opportunity.  Most of my hotels were not the shiny new penny on the block.  I had to be "scrappy."    

What I didn't realize, until I had to hire my own sales teams in my late 20's, is that "scrappy" wasn't enough.  Scrappy gets you some luck every now and then, but PROCESS, SYSTEMS, MINDSET are the keys to true sustainable sales revenue success & guess what I quickly discovered...

NO ONE is teaching these things to hospitality sales professionals.  Most leaders who have come up the ranks...haven't been taught these fundamentals."

 - Amy
How would your life be different today, 
if you could have 
Complete certainty & Confidence 
That you have access at your fingertips to the most recent, tried and proven sales tactics and strategies? Enabling you to close more revenue than anyone ever thought possible.  At the push of a button, you have access to, not a "training" course - but a COACHING community.  It provides the best tools, resources, and helps you develop a transformational mindset. 

This program and community will help you be a hero to your 
hotel company and make a ridiculous impact, while 
building the life you dream to grow!
WElcome to GitGo Spark™ Coaching Program
A one-of-a-kind program designed for hospitality sales professionals desiring the edge to skyrocket:
  • The value you bring to your clients and the industry
  • Your impact on your company & team
  • The number 0's behind that $ sign
GitGo Spark™ Program 

Actionable, Easy-to-Implement Guides & Exercises

Easy to navigate, self-paced learning modules and tools so you can apply quickly to your day-to-day workload.  

We've packaged these to turn our decades of experience, testing new techniques and seeing what works [and what doesn't] into just days for you to implement and put to use generating revenue! 

Includes GitGo's On Fire™ Sales Process, phone scripts, Flame Starters & Extinguishers, additional email templates, crisis navigation guides, and so much more!  

Monthly Q&A Calls

A livestream coaching call with one of our experienced coaches who will: answer live questions, discuss scenarios, teach new tactics, encourage and motivate.  

Active participation is encouraged, but even listening in to other's questions will inspire action, illuminate possibilities and drive members to try new tactics and strategies for success. 

Access The #GitGoLeague Private Community

An online network with peers throughout the industry designed to learn from one another, share challenges, and celebrate wins.

The #GitGoLeague Community is a safe space where coaches will be available for Q&A throughout the week.  We will also post community announcements, special events & #GitGoLeague Exclusive Programs.  

Exclusive Events & Virtual Intensives

Throughout the year, GitGo Coaching will provide free, member-only master classes & coaching events.  Designed to share the most up-to-date sales techniques proven to find, qualify and close more business for hotels just like yours! 
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To kick-off your Spark program with as much success as possible, we're offering a 30 minute private coaching call to ensure your program kicks off & you are well-positioned to ignite your sales!
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Bonus #2
A curated list of up to 50 target contacts for your specific market! [Built by our team at GitGo, who have been creating and executing successful lead generation campaigns from these lists for 15 years!]   You'll get names, titles, email, phone, address, company size, industry of likely targets!  
We Take Our Promises Serious!  
Upon membership launch, if after 15 days you're not completely blown away...we'll give you your money back to cancel the program completely.  
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Invest in a future full of
[ certainty & confidence]
I have never regretted investing in & creating my own certainty.  Even if you don't yet see it for yourself, I am holding that vision of success for you right now.  

Imagine being handed all the answers to the test.  What's working, what's not.  What to look out for.  What to embrace.  What to not lose sleep over.  

Imagine having coaches that are invested in YOU and YOUR success because they truly want to see you thrive. 

Imagine having a community built from a foundation of positivity, support, growth, contribution and most of all...SUCCESS!  A community that brings out the very best in you.  A community you can contribute to authentically as the best version of you in an industry that you love. 

It is my deepest honor to provide this for the industry I truly love.  I'll see you in the #GitGoLeague Soon!  
-Amy Infante
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